3 Tips to make your Sales Team smile at your next event

Sales transactions are rare at an exhibition – unless we’re talking bar transactions after a long day on the stand!
But they’re a great way to fill the funnel with new and interested prospects…

Exhibitions are also a great reason to contact your prospect and customer database with a compelling campaign that hooks into the theme of the event. You can make your investment go much further than just the 2 or 3 days onsite with these top tips for before, during, and after your event:

  1. BEFORE: Book your stand early to get the optimum spot (ideally next to a dedicated networking area) and then make the most of the marketing opportunities the event organiser provides. If you get the chance, offer up a speaker for the conference programme – then tell your prospect and customer database where you’ll be exhibiting and when to hear your case study.
  2. DURING: On stand product demos, collateral, and branded giveaways help to facilitate face-to-face time with delegates whilst a buzzing social campaign will maximise your presence.  Video your senior team’s response to the conference agenda and get them to blog – then post them live from the event.  Read more on how to ‘Market the Moment’.
  3. AFTER: Create 3 versions of your follow up email that shares links to your case study and blog – one for your prospect database that didn’t attend, one for the people you met on the stand, and another for the people that you didn’t meet in person.

And if you can – hire a lead-retrieval machine.  It ensures your data capture is accurate, you can quickly and easily ‘zap’ the many visitors to your stand, speaker session, or sponsored networking area, and it accelerates the process of following up with a ‘nice to meet you’ eDM after the event.

Check out this Case Study on how to make the absolute most of your marketing budget.



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