A lesson (from Banksy) in how to attract attention

Love or hate him/her, engineered or not, Banksy is a first class marketer – and Dismaland is a shining example of how to apply creativity to attract attention. Marketing lesson number 1 – Start a conversation As humans we love nothing more than being let in to ‘the secret’. If someone says, “it’s a secret”, we’re hard-wired to want to discover what the big secret is. Banksy knows this. The Tropicana has been under wraps, shrouded in mystery, gaining attention and getting everyone guessing as to what might be going on inside. Heads turned as the disused lido became the talk of the town and people watched, listened, speculated and discussed the possible plans for the site. Without uttering a word, Banksy started a conversation, then shaped the conversation by posting clues (or rather misdirections) around the Tropicana. When starting a conversation, you don’t have to introduce your company or…

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