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Kerridge Commercial Systems rebrands the Big Leap way

What does your brand say about your business? Do your customers know what your company stands for? How do you keep your customers engaged if you decide to change your brand? When Kerridge Commercial Systems needed a new brand that answered these questions, Big Leap was on hand to develop a compelling and creative brand story designed to strengthen the company’s position as international leader in the distributive trades market… So we set about rebranding the Big Leap way: Gathering insights and analysing our primary research Defining the principles of the new brand Writing a brand story that tied the company’s past to its future Creating a choice of dynamic and engaging concepts Developing the design toolkit for the chosen option Detailing the Guidelines with frameworks for consistent brand expression Inspiring the team with a Brand Application workshop Mike Beech, Product Marketing Director and Rebranding Project Lead at Kerridge Commercial…

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A lesson (from Banksy) in how to attract attention

Love or hate him/her, engineered or not, Banksy is a first class marketer – and Dismaland is a shining example of how to apply creativity to attract attention. Marketing lesson number 1 – Start a conversation As humans we love nothing more than being let in to ‘the secret’. If someone says, “it’s a secret”, we’re hard-wired to want to discover what the big secret is. Banksy knows this. The Tropicana has been under wraps, shrouded in mystery, gaining attention and getting everyone guessing as to what might be going on inside. Heads turned as the disused lido became the talk of the town and people watched, listened, speculated and discussed the possible plans for the site. Without uttering a word, Banksy started a conversation, then shaped the conversation by posting clues (or rather misdirections) around the Tropicana. When starting a conversation, you don’t have to introduce your company or…

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3 Tips for effective Product Classification

When it comes to Software and Technology, effective labelling – or ‘product classification’ in marketing speak – can mean the difference between a target buyer finding your solution, or not. However, in mature, highly fragmented markets like Business Intelligence and Human Capital Management – classifying and then categorising products and services for maximum exposure is no easy task. Listing your product’s endless modules, features, or possible uses on your website might get you some business – but it’s no substitute for classifying your products in a way that makes it really easy for your prospects to understand you provide what they are looking for. Even disruptive technologies and those first to market with new categories of product need to understand how best to classify products so that when customers go looking for a solution to overcome their problem, they might find your competitors – but they’ll also find you. Understanding…

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What are your customers actively searching for?

A conversation about ‘labels’ last week caused quite a stir at a client meeting… Whilst as people we may not like to be pigeon-holed, when it comes to B2B tech products and services, effective labelling – or ‘product classification’ in marketing speak – can mean the difference between a target buyer finding your solution, or not… Inspired by Chris Froome’s performance in ‘Le Tour de France‘, we got into a debate about bikes to prove the point: A two-wheeled, pedal powered transport vehicle is universally recognised as a ‘bicycle’ or ‘bike’. The term was decided on many moons ago, and since then there have been many variations on the theme – with over 1 billion in use worldwide – purchased for any reason from racing, to commuting, to pootling around Bristol ‘Boris Style’. If you need/want a bike in your life, you’ll go searching for a ‘bike’. You might have specific needs in…

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