What are your customers actively searching for?

A conversation about ‘labels’ last week caused quite a stir at a client meeting… Whilst as people we may not like to be pigeon-holed, when it comes to B2B tech products and services, effective labelling – or ‘product classification’ in marketing speak – can mean the difference between a target buyer finding your solution, or not… Inspired by Chris Froome’s performance in ‘Le Tour de France‘, we got into a debate about bikes to prove the point: A two-wheeled, pedal powered transport vehicle is universally recognised as a ‘bicycle’ or ‘bike’. The term was decided on many moons ago, and since then there have been many variations on the theme – with over 1 billion in use worldwide – purchased for any reason from racing, to commuting, to pootling around Bristol ‘Boris Style’. If you need/want a bike in your life, you’ll go searching for a ‘bike’. You might have specific needs in…

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Snacking on Strawberries.

Hi, Lorraine here. With Wimbledon just around the corner I thought I’d share a few insights from a superb presentation I saw recently by Rosemary Brown of IBM and Jonathan Gapper from Ogilvy Group… Turn on the footage of Wimbledon (it’s always on in the studio) and you can’t fail to see that IBM is as synonymous with Wimbledon as Wimbledon is with strawberries. In fact for the last 25 years they’ve been providing the tech to collect and analyse data for the event. You’d think as a major sponsor, IBM would get a lot of business out of Wimbledon – but the trouble is, who wants to talk Big Data & Analytics at a major sporting event? Over the years IBM has come to the conclusion that the answer is ‘very few’! But still the Sponsorship team had to find a way to fill the Salesforce pipeline. So they tried…

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