Kerridge Commercial Systems rebrands the Big Leap way

What does your brand say about your business? Do your customers know what your company stands for? How do you keep your customers engaged if you decide to change your brand?

When Kerridge Commercial Systems needed a new brand that answered these questions, Big Leap was on hand to develop a compelling and creative brand story designed to strengthen the company’s position as international leader in the distributive trades market…

So we set about rebranding the Big Leap way:

  • Gathering insights and analysing our primary research
  • Defining the principles of the new brand
  • Writing a brand story that tied the company’s past to its future
  • Creating a choice of dynamic and engaging concepts
  • Developing the design toolkit for the chosen option
  • Detailing the Guidelines with frameworks for consistent brand expression
  • Inspiring the team with a Brand Application workshop

Mike Beech, Product Marketing Director and Rebranding Project Lead at Kerridge Commercial Systems explains the rationale for investing in a brand that will position the company for explosive growth and rapid expansion in 2015:

“Rebranding has helped us demonstrate to our employees, customers, partners, and prospects that we are investing in our future… Big Leap Marketing’s process of research and applied creativity means we’ve invested in the right way and our new brand story is compelling and engaging for all our target audiences.”

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