Snacking on Strawberries.

Hi, Lorraine here. With Wimbledon just around the corner I thought I’d share a few insights from a superb presentation I saw recently by Rosemary Brown of IBM and Jonathan Gapper from Ogilvy Group…

Turn on the footage of Wimbledon (it’s always on in the studio) and you can’t fail to see that IBM is as synonymous with Wimbledon as Wimbledon is with strawberries. In fact for the last 25 years they’ve been providing the tech to collect and analyse data for the event.

You’d think as a major sponsor, IBM would get a lot of business out of Wimbledon – but the trouble is, who wants to talk Big Data & Analytics at a major sporting event? Over the years IBM has come to the conclusion that the answer is ‘very few’! But still the Sponsorship team had to find a way to fill the Salesforce pipeline. So they tried something different resulting in an ROI that would bring tears of joy to any CFO’s eyes.

As well as a behind the scenes tour for IBM’s guests to see their tech in action, the sponsorship team came up with an ingenious way to engage a much wider audience in a conversation about Big Data & Analytics – without them really realising it!

Showing fans from around the world ‘analytics in action’, the team hooked a 3D printer up to a social listening and sentiment analysis monitor, which then printed ‘data-driven souvenir trophies’ at IBM’s pop up kiosk in Wimbledon. The size of the trophies was driven by statistics and sentiment, leveraging the data analysis of players’ form and 6million #wimbledon tweets…

Content syndicated around the event was carefully created to capture people in the sporting mindset, before signposting them to a centralised microsite that gently moved visitors into a business conversation about ‘Insights that only IBM can provide’ – resulting in over 5 million leads in Wimbledon fortnight alone.

This success story is one of ‘relevancy’ – sharing the right size message, at the right time, in the right way. Realising that they were talking to fans during a tennis tournament, IBM demonstrated their capability and their credibility by giving away snackable insights that were as moreish and as relevant as the strawberries.

You’ll hear us talk about ‘snackable’ content all the time… and this is why.

(Check out IBM’s plans for Wimbledon 2015 here.)

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