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BristolMedia“Happily Ever After”
Storytelling and Content Marketing at Bristol Media’s Masterclass
Written by Tiff Donnelly

Once upon a time in a land far away (well Bristol actually!) over 80 people from creative agencies across the South West gathered together to hear marketing insights on a range of topics and to network.

First up were UWE Business school, sharing their research on Client-Agency relationships, followed by presentations discussing ‘Marketing Strategy’, ‘Thinking Bristol: Working Globally’, and ‘Growing a Digital Agency’.

The IPA then chaired an interesting panel session about the future of marketing and agencies, (which partly lies in employing a younger generation, who already think, act, and do what is set to become the future of things). Following this we heard speakers on other topics including Conversion Rate Optimisation and Social Media (unlike the beauty in the fairy tales – it never sleeps!).

Tiff-at-BristolMediaBut the hero of this tale has to be the presentation discussing how to create engaging, informative, and entertaining content marketing. Thinking more like a storyteller and less like a marketer or sales person, helps to captivate an audience and make information easier to communicate. It can breathe life into a seemingly ‘dry’ technology service or product and enable people to think, feel, and act differently. Thinking about the needs of the people you want to engage with is something many businesses are guilty of overlooking and the key difference in understanding how to create a compelling story as opposed to creating a brochure or website.

What story is your business telling? Is it a story your customers feel compelled to read?

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